Who We Are

“Committed to Lives of Excellence.”

What does that mean?

We strive to become excellent in every aspect of our lives. As brothers, friends, future spouses, gentlemen, businessmen, whatever we do: Delts hold themselves to a higher standard. At Iota Chi, we emphasize this in a variety of ways.


Ask any Delt, our number one responsibility is academics. A man goes to college first and foremost to get an education, and while we supplement that we certainly don’t supersede it.

We require our members to set a goal for their GPA for each semester. We assist them by holding study tables at least twice a week during the semester and having an Academic Draft. This friendly competition is led by a few of the top performing members of the fraternity. They draft “players” onto their team and at the end of the semester the winning team gets bragging rights and their name on a plaque.

We’ve consistently been at least 0.25 GPA points above the all-men’s average, and we plan to improve upon that.


Our ROAD program is a national Delt program focused on individual members. Expert speakers, group activities, and presentations are given throughout the year to help foster personal development and learning. Iota Chi is also a strong campus leader, with members on University committees, the student Senate, and a variety of student organizations. Our chapter assists members in finding those leadership roles that match their personality and put them in the best position to be successful.


Fraternities are all values-based organizations. We certainly don’t lose sight of that at Iota Chi, where Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power are basic expectations for each member. Our ritual is the cornerstone of our chapter’s culture, but more importantly our words and actions outside of the fraternity reflect those four fundamental values.

Check out our national’s website for more on our values:



This upcoming year will feature more programs focused on this aspect. Members are made aware of upcoming symposiums and career development opportunities available via the University through our weekly meetings. However, with two of our top members landing internships with Fortune 200 companies this previous summer, the fraternity is hoping to utilize them and others to optimize all members’ career opportunities post-graduation.

2nd place dodgeball tournament
2nd place dodgeball tournament


We’ve only brought home a championship in dodgeball thus far, but we are very involved on the intramural fields at Lindenwood. Many of our members also participate in collegiate sports and we encourage those members who don’t to get together and do a physical activity they enjoy.