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Why Delt?

Delta Tau Delta is currently the 9th largest national fraternity. Established in 1858, the fraternity has a rich and colorful tradition since starting at Bethany College in West Virginia. The fraternity was founded on traditional virtues and its members strive to fit the mission of the fraternity: “Committed to Lives of Excellence.”

The Iota Chi chapter at Lindenwood University has a slightly shorter legacy. Delta Tau Delta colonized at Lindenwood in March 2012. The fraternity received its charter in February 2014. We are currently the only nationally chartered fraternity on campus.

Greek Gala Spring 2014.
Greek Gala Spring 2014.
Front page of the school newspaper Homecoming 2013.

Some of our group’s accomplishments from the past two years:

– Homecoming champions 2012

– 2 Lindenwood Fraternity Men of the Year Awards (2013, 2014)

– Lindenwood President of the Year (2014)

– 2 members interning with Fortune 200 companies this summer

– Lindenwood Best Community Service 2014

– 3 brothers with a 4.00 GPA Spring 2014

– 3.23 GPA Fall 2013

– 3.20 GPA Spring 2014

– >33% of members on the Dean’s List  for Spring 2014

If you look at this list of accomplishments and think, “That’s it?”, you’re exactly who we are looking for! We are looking for men with ambition, leadership, strong morals, intelligence, and a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Enough about us! We’d love to hear about what you have to contribute to this fraternity and how we can improve your college experience. Contact your nearest neighborhood Delt!


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